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Welcome Back To Normal!

With Covid finally at bay, all of Europe has removed their Covid restrictions and is open for business. As we’ve all seen in the news, there are still some challenges with travel as the pandemic shut-down has severely impacted airlines and their ability to get planes into service, pilots to fly them and baggage handlers to properly distribute luggage. However, Europe has been busy with tourists again, which is a very good thing! Travelers just need to be a bit patient with airlines, travel lighter than normal and stay clear of major airports like Heathrow (London) and Schiphol (Amsterdam) so their luggage doesn’t fall into a black hole.

As you’ve all probably figured out by now, Alpin Luxe is not your typical travel company – which means we always strive for those incredible locations that are just off the beaten path. We like our guests to be active and/or relax and rejuvenate in smaller, more intimate locations. Our amazing destinations are designed with quality in mind – not quantity. More importantly, we emphasize the “Alpine Lifestyle” where we all can partake in activities around nature, and combine our favorite sports with “farm to table” cuisine, in clean air environments. You will learn how to live healthier and more sustainably – for longevity!

Revenge Travel

As a friendly reminder, since we have all been cooped up for two years, there is currently a lot of “revenge travel.” The airlines are seeing a pent-up demand unfold and resorts are bracing for an increase in bookings. Unfortunately, there will be a lot of people that get closed out of trips if they wait too long. Just United Airlines alone increased its transatlantic capacity by 25% more than pre-pandemic figures! And, even more telling was an 80% increase in searches for passports and an almost 40% increase for travel insurance compared to the same period in 2019. This indicates that a resurgence in travel will not be short-lived like last summer.

So, what can you do to stay ahead of the curve? Book early!

New for 2022/23

I’m excited to announce two strategic partners for 2022 and beyond: Confirmed360 and Koob Travel.

CONFIRMED360 is a Los Angeles based, elite concierge service that curates unforgettable lifetime experiences through trusted relationships with the world’s biggest artists, athletes and entertainment organizations. Want to see a F1 race, the Super Bowl, The Masters, Kentucky Derby, mega concerts via exclusive packages? Confirmed360 is the resounding choice and we are excited they tasked us with developing the most unique ski, golf and health & wellness packages for their audience.

KOOB TRAVEL / KLOUDOUT is the UAE’s leading concierge desk and online travel booking brand – providing a range of choices for hotels, flights, car rentals for travelers to the Emirates. As Yohanes Zewdu (aka Johnny Vegas) pointed out, “What started out as the preeminent go-to concierge for elite athletes and celebrities, became a household name for lifestyle management in numerous countries around the world.” With a desire to offer luxury ski and golf packages to UAE clients, Alpin Luxe was a superior choice.

NEW BOOKING OPTION for 2022/2023 Alpin Luxe trips: In order to make booking easier for individuals and families on a budget, Alpin Luxe has revised its booking policy to allow anyone to secure a trip early and know they won’t get closed out. Here’s how it works:

  1. Secure your trip easily with a non-refundable, yet fully transferable $1,000.00 deposit. This insures you have confirmed a spot on a particular trip. Need to change it for any reason? We will apply the deposit to another trip of your choice that season, or another year.
  2. You then have the option of making one payment for the balance of your trip, OR pay via interest free installments over time, depending upon when you made the initial booking. This allows those who don’t have huge limits on their credit cards to pay for the trip “trip of a lifetime” over a few months.

Why Travel to Europe vs. The USA?

Exchange Rate: It’s been a long time since the Dollar to Euro exchange has been at or near 1 to 1. If you want to visit Europe, now is the time to go!

More Bang for the Buck: When it comes to our adventure categories of Golf, Ski and Health & Wellness, Europe in general is much more affordable and presents a higher quality experience than in America. They have inflation too, but not nearly what we’ve seen here at home.

Trains: Europe does trains better than anywhere on earth, with maybe the exception of Japan. Trains are more affordable than renting a car, with less hassle, lower cost, more efficient, less stressful, and sustainable. The rail system in Europe is phenomenal and consistent.

Hotel prices have remained fairly consistent in Europe, whereas they have skyrocketed in America. On more of a budget? I’ll bet you can afford a nice 4-Star hotel in Europe.

Fantastic amenities and cuisine at European hotel properties help stretch your dollar. All our trips include a gourmet, farm to table breakfast, and many feature “half-pension,” which can include a Michelin starred dinner.

Our New Trip Lineup:

p/b Wild Rye & Rudy Project

Bormio, Italy is an untouched treasure within one of Europe’s largest nature reserves – the Stelvio National Forest. Hundreds of Kilometers of bike and hiking trails will take you to stunning mountain vistas, pastoral fields, and magical forests, through some of cycling’s most iconic destinations, including the Stelvio Pass. Rejuvenate after biking or hiking in centuries old thermal baths and dine on incredible Italian cuisine and wines from the Valtellina region.

p/b Rudy Project

Step outside the box, folks! Golf in Dubai is a class apart. No wonder it’s the 4th most visited city in the world! The Emirate has a number of fantastic courses and is slowly growing as the new modern epicenter of the golfing world – which also has one of the most impressive skylines in the world. With a luxury hotel, amazing cuisine from all over the world and a private yacht in the afternoon, this trip will leave you breathless!

p/b Sätila of Sweden

This is our little secret! Unlike most of the ski world, early December in Zermatt has fantastic snow conditions, shops and restaurants are all open and the best part? No crowded slopes. Join Hall of Fame Freeskier Dan Egan and Gary Miller on this bucket-list adventure. It’s time to experience true early season snow vs. the typical “white ribbons of death.” Besides, $5,950 for a week of skiing in Zermatt? Ridiculous!

p/b Dahlgren Socks

Are you tired of domestic ski vacations costing a fortune? Do you have young ski racers who need technical ski coaching? As parents, do you feel left out as your kids get all the attention? Our LAAX Family Ski Experience is the perfect family vacation. In addition to a fantastic cultural experience, the kids get to work with an Olympic Ski Coach, the parents get their own private ski lessons, accommodations are ski-in / ski-out, the food is incredible, lots of amenities from the spa AND this trip IS affordable!

p/b Level Gloves

If you’re a die-hard skier and have never been to Europe, the only way to make that claim is to visit the birthplace of European skiing! Join Dan Egan and Gary Miller in St. Anton, Austria to experience “where it all began.” With fantastic snow conditions, the St. Anton / Lech am Arlberg region features over
210 miles of groomed slopes and 97 ultra-modern ski lifts connecting seven villages.


The movie Top Gun “Maverick” proved that sequels can be better. And, we expect next year’s Engelberg Steep and Deep to follow this trend. Join Dan Egan and Marcus Caston for a repeat performance in Engelberg, Switzerland – one of the top powder and freeride destinations in the world! With huge skiable vertical of 2000m, Engelberg has over 50 miles of slopes, ultra-modern ski lifts and stunning views of the Swiss Alps!

p/b Loro Piana by Alps & Meters

Ladies and Gentlemen – wanna stay out of the doghouse? Treat the love of your life to a ski trip during the most romantic week of the year, in two of the most romantic locations on earth – Bormio & Santa Caterina, Italy! Join us on this Confirmed360 Exclusive Couples Experience where you can ski long runs in two great resorts, restore the body in centuries old Roman baths and feast on amazing Italian cuisine and wine. Plus, a very special and romantic Valentine’s Day dinner at the Sunny Valley Lodge on top of Santa Caterina!

p/b Alps & Meters

Springtime in Zermatt could be called God’s gift to skiing. You can’t get this Confirmed360 Exclusive Experience anywhere else on Earth! Immerse yourself in skiing’s most iconic landscape, with Tamara McKinney, one of America’s greatest ski champions for the trip of a lifetime. Skiing into Italy for pasta and wine, Heli drop, incredible cuisine – if anything, do it for bragging rights!


As you can imagine, we can’t ski under the Matterhorn and not ski under Eiger too! The Jungfrau region of Switzerland – one of the most scenic destinations in the world – is framed by the iconic Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountain peaks. And, skiers can access THREE iconic ski resorts, all on ONE pass – not to mention a few runs on the Rodel sled – a European tradition!

p/b Rudy Project

Ski and golf on the same day? Yes, it’s possible! Few places on Earth offer the splendor of the Zillertal Valley in Austria. Ski the springtime snow of the Austrian Alps in the morning and relax in a luxurious spa after an afternoon round of golf. This Confirmed360 Exclusive is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that includes dinner in one castle and a visit to another!

p/b Alps & Meters

Last year, Covid forced us to cancel this Confirmed360 Exclusive in the French Alps. But we’ve brought this special experience back! Come join Olympic Champion Donna Weinbrecht and Hall of Famer Dan Egan to celebrate the Anniversary of Donna’s Gold Medal performance at the 1992 Olympic Winter Games. Enjoy sun, incredible snow, French cuisine, and private coaching from two of America’s most famous skiers!


In the heart of the Austrian Alps lie some of the most breathtaking golf courses in the world. Artistically designed around glittering lakes, stately castles, lush meadows, dense forests and ancient vineyards. you’ll wonder if you’ve stumbled onto a movie set! And in the center of it all, our accommodations for the week, at the Sport Residenz Zillertal – a spectacular 4-Star S property, a gem set in the heart of paradise. Join us for this exclusive week to play Golf in Austria, and rejuvenate both mind and body!

We’re excited about our new lineup of trips, in addition to some new brand partners. We also have more MTB / E-bike trips, Golf & Wine Experiences, Health & Wellness Retreats and a very special Sailing Excursion off the coast of Croatia on the drawing board for 2023, so stay tuned for more unique experiences. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Picture of Gary Miller

Gary Miller

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