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Alpin Luxe is the culmination of my traveling the world as a competitor, coach and businessman for over 40 years. Ever since my first overseas trip to ski in Bariloche, Argentina at age 15, I’ve been mesmerized by the allure of visiting unique, exotic and lesser known locations in Europe, South America and Asia to ski, golf, mountain bike, train, or just relax. Many of these destinations are my personal favorites and I want to share them with you in a way that not only stimulates the senses, but more importantly confirms one’s passion for sports, travel and life.

Specializing in semi-private and private excursions, Alpin Luxe has partnered with some of the world’s most exclusive resorts that feature luxurious accommodations, world-class spas, farm-to-table cuisine prepared by Michelin chefs, fine wines, extraordinary side trips and the opportunity to receive expert instruction from championship coaches and athletes. Our amazing destinations provide the perfect blend of adventure and comfort: incredible opportunities to ski, golf and mountain bike, combined with unique amenities and superior customer service.

Come join us on the journey of a lifetime to some of the world’s most beautiful and unspoiled destinations. We guarantee our trips will give you an experience beyond your wildest dreams!

Meet our Team:

The Value of Expert Coaching

Championship coaches are the CEO’s of the sports world. At Alpin Luxe, our coaches are carefully hand-selected because they each possess an enduring passion for their sport and are considered technical geniuses when it comes to developing world class athletes (or anyone with a desire to improve their skill level in a particular sport!)

On the mountain, we will teach you a skill that less than 5% of the skiing public can perform today – the “carved turn,” which will allow you to ski nearly every conceivable ski condition over varied terrain. In golf, we take your technical and mental skills to an entirely different level on courses utilized by top European PGA players. Whether it’s on a traditional MTB or eBike, you’ll dramatically improve your trail riding and bike handling skills while experiencing scenery not found anywhere else on earth.

We believe that every individual, regardless of skill level, should have the opportunity to receive elite-level coaching. When you learn from our championship coaches in a small-group setting, you’ll not only improve your technical prowess, but more importantly gain confidence to excel at any level – all while having a lot of fun!

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