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Alpin Luxe is the culmination of our travels to some of the most amazing and unspoiled destinations on the planet. Whether it’s skiing, biking or pursuing a healthier lifestyle, Alpin Luxe takes you on a journey to some of our personal favorites, and share them with you in a way that stimulates the senses, and confirms one’s passion for sports, travel and life.

Our goal at Alpin Luxe is to provide you with incredible memories and a remarkable cultural experience. Our destinations feature upscale lodging, gourmet dining, revitalizing spa treatments and the opportunity to receive expert instruction from championship coaches at an affordable price. Skiers, bikers and wellness enthusiasts are well aware of the dramatic increase in prices at American resorts over the past decade. When comparing “apples to apples,” we guarantee Europe is a much more affordable option.

Join us for an outdoor adventure and scenery rarely found anywhere else in the world. It’s the first step in learning how to live The Alpine Lifestyle, which is a healthier, more relaxed way of life. Allow us to take you on the trip of a lifetime!

Gary Miller | Gail Miller | Christine Mullins

With his incredible coaching and unparalleled knowledge, Gary completely transformed my skiing abilities. Now, I can ski any terrain and have an absolute blast doing so - all thanks to him!

Christine Kan

What a fantastic week with the Millers in Zermatt! The skiing around the most photographed mountain, and the trip to Italy (crossing the border with skis) is a lifetime memory. The picturesque town of Zermatt, high-class food and wine experience on and off the mountain makes everyone happy. We recommend the Miller’s whether you are an intermediate or excellent skier you will benefit from their experience. My wife and I will do another trip with them soon!

Urs Maron

I greatly enjoyed my time skiing with Gary. He knew the mountain and the terrain very well, always knowing where the best snow would be at every time of the day. His stories from his time coaching the US team, as well as his knowledge of the sport/industry, kept me engaged and wanting to learn more all day. Looking forward to skiing with him more in the years to come!

Caroline Levere

I have 4 boys who have been skiing recreationally in Europe since the time they could walk. When we arrived in the US they had not yet raced but through school started competing. Gary coached my boys both from a technical skills aspect as well as advising them on drills, strength training and crucially mental preparation. The coaching was challenging and pushed their limits while being enjoyable. Gary is a genuine expert who helped my boys dramatically improve their race craft and skiing skills.

Ian van Duijvenboode

Gary is a great inspiration, a wonderful guide and a fun companion. He has incredible stories to tell from his time coaching World Cup racing teams and applied relevant experiences for the benefit of our kids development and our family holiday. He did a great job pushing our kids to be better skiers than they would otherwise be while making our time together sociable. Highly recommend him to any family looking to enjoy themselves while challenging to be better skiers.

Tom Rundle

My trip to Zermatt with Alpin Luxe was everything I had hoped for and more. The accommodations were excellent, the group was delightful, and the experience of Zermatt was memorable. The ski coaching combination of was a good fit, providing valuable big mountain experience and guidance while Gary provided instruction and perspective from the racing world that was precise and extensive. Both instructors were fun and professional. Definitely a trip worth taking.

Elaine Maronick
Big Sky

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The Value of Expert Coaching

At Alpin Luxe, we believe that every individual, regardless of skill level, should have the opportunity to receive elite-level coaching. Hiring a staff of fully accredited coaches, and in some cases, Olympians, is what makes Alpin Luxe unique. For some of you, this might seem intimidating – learning from the best in the world at their craft. Consider this: If you’re a business person, what would you give to spend a week with one of the most powerful CEOs in the world? Would you be intimidated, or would you embrace a rare opportunity to learn from someone incredibly successful?

Believe it or not, elite coaches and Olympians are just like us. They have families, hobbies and passions, and they are eager to pass on the little tips that made them great in their sport. When you work with our coaches in small-group settings, you’ll improve your technical prowess and gain more confidence. Most importantly, our coaches are a lot of fun! So, don’t shy away from them – embrace them and you’ll make a new friend at the same time.

When you learn from our championship coaches in a small-group setting, you’ll improve your technical prowess, and gain the confidence to excel at any level – all while having a lot of fun!

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