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We’ve scoured the planet for the most unspoiled, majestic and magical destinations that the skiing world has to offer.  With Alpin Luxe Ski Excursions, you’ll experience the full glory of mother nature and bask in the comfort and luxury of world-class cuisine, spas and amenities. 

Our Destinations:

Why Ski Europe?

As the birthplace of skiing, Europe is steeped in history, tradition and innovation.  Ever since Sondre Norheim of Morgedal, Norway developed the first ski and binding system in the 1840’s, the sport of downhill skiing quickly gained popularity throughout the Alps.  By the 1900’s, the Swiss and Austrians began developing more advanced ski equipment, ski technique, lift systems and competition.  Fast forward a century later and the innovations at European ski resorts continue to outpace the rest of the skiing world.  This is not the Europe you know from your first trip years ago during college.  In the past decade, the alpine countries of Europe have gone through a major renaissance period.  Skiing in Europe today is like being in another world – it’s a game changer!   


Unlike anywhere else in the world, experience the melding of ultra-modern architecture and 400-year-old mountain huts. Some of these engineering marvels at the top of the mountain have been used as the backdrop for numerous James Bond movies!

More skiable terrain than anywhere else in the world, with multiple ski resorts linked by one pass. Ski from one resort town to another or better yet, have coffee in Switzerland that morning and pasta in Italy in the afternoon!

Innovative lift systems featuring state-of-the-art chairlifts and gondola cabins with heated seats, so we’re always comfortable no matter what Mother Nature has to offer. Specialized gondola cabins even include heated massage seats, surround sound and a wet bar!

Technologically advanced and affordable RFID ski passes that allow access to lifts and other amenities. Want to leave your skis on the mountain for the night? Use your RFID ski pass to access a locker mid-mountain at no extra cost.

Tired from a morning on the slopes? Have a nice lunch and take a nap. We've selected only the best resorts for our Alpin Luxe Ski Experiences... we love the glassed-in sun decks with spectacular panoramic views, complete with hot tubs, lounge chairs, slippers and blankets!

Advanced resort technology includes snowmaking systems moved around the mountain by helicopters so that we never have to depend on Mother Nature, not to mention state-of-the-art grooming machines that provide endless miles of corduroy.

Since most on-mountain restaurants are independently owned, the dining options are incredible. The majority of food options are always fresh and mostly organic. And customer service is paramount!

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