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At Alpin Luxe, we search the world for unique and surreal destinations for traditional cycling and the increasingly popular E-biking. As with all our experiences, our goal with Alpin Luxe Bike Tours is accessibility. We provide everyone an opportunity to mountain bike in areas where only die-hard MTB enthusiasts would dare go. All across Europe, E-biking provides almost unlimited access to magnificent mountain lakes, rugged alpine trails, centuries old castles, lush green meadows, dense forests and 4-Star resorts with world-class cuisine and wellness spas.

Our Destinations:

Why E-bike Europe?

Because many central European economies are based on tourism, E-biking has sky-rocketed over the past few years because it’s fun, requires less training and people can go anywhere – even those who aren’t in top physical condition. E-biking allows individuals of almost any age an opportunity to partake in the MTB experience. As most Europeans will tell you, bikes are an integral part of their urban life and popular MTB brands have seen a 25 to 50% surge in sales of E-bikes across Europe since 2017. This is why we’ve decided to incorporate E-Biking into our Alpin Luxe Bike Excursions! Of course, if you’re a purist, or you have a special bike you want to ride, we also welcome traditional mountain bike riders on any trip! But why not take this opportunity of a lifetime to try something new?

The Alps are dramatic and challenging, so access has historically been limited to hard-core Mountain Bikers. E-biking provides everyone easier access to the magnificent mountain lakes, rugged alpine trails, centuries old castles, lush green meadows and dense forests previously known only to a few.

E-bikes are plentiful in Europe – which makes renting them affordable. Depending upon the country, E-bikes make up nearly 50% of total bike sales. Our hand-selected 4-Star resorts are always stocked with both E-bike and traditional bike rentals.

Health and wellness is a primary focus in the majority of European resorts. You’ll experience incredible farm to table cuisine, cutting edge spa and fitness facilities and fantastic customer service.

More linked trails than anywhere else in the world! MTB in Europe truly is a bike-in, bike-out experience. With bike-friendly towns and scenic gravel roads, you can connect thousands of miles of singletrack all across the continent.

A majority of mountain huts are independently owned and feature incredible dining. The majority of food options are always fresh and mostly organic. And customer service is paramount!

Even professional MTB guides in Europe ride E-bikes. It’s all about experiencing the Alps and achieving long, serene rides. Famous mountain passes are now accessible via E-bikes. How many of your friends can say, “I biked the Stelvio Pass in Italy?”

Want to learn more about E-bikes?

Maybe you’ve never ridden an E-bike, or don’t even know what one is! Maybe you’ve had an encounter with one out on the trails. Maybe you’re skeptical about trying it. Don’t worry, we were too at first!

to start learning about the E-biking experience in Europe, how it might be different from what you expect, and what other riders have to say about it!

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