Individual commitment to a group effort – that’s what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

When we started Alpin Luxe, our objective was to start a travel company that would take Americans to Europe for an all-inclusive, unforgettable ski experience, for less than they would pay at home on an equal scale. When it came to brand partners, we wanted a quiver of companies who stood for the same values.

Therefore, during the pandemic, we got to work on finding some outstanding small companies with products that touched “rarified air.” What we unearthed was amazing! A majority of our brands are those you don’t see every day – much less even heard of, but are exceptionally well crafted, beautifully designed and built to last. They put the same passion into their products as we do with our trips.

Anybody can take skiers and snowboarders to Europe on a budget, (ski clubs do this all the time), but I can guarantee that nobody does it like Alpin Luxe.
4 and 5-Star resorts – check.
All the amenities – check.
All-inclusive – check.
Olympians for coaches – check.

And the best brand partners – check.

Come explore our extraordinary list of Brand Partners:

Alps & Meters Ski Apparel

Alps & Meters is our headliner extraordinaire and huge supporter of Alpin Luxe. We love these guys! Born from the discovery of a vintage ski sweater in Sweden, Alps & Meters creates luxury alpine sportswear. Combining natural materials, classic garment construction techniques and contemporary technologies, the garments are tailored, technical and timeless. In vintage inspired silhouettes, their pieces evoke the stylish glory days of skiing’s past. I’ve been fortunate to have skied in some of the best high-end luxury ski apparel over the years, but nothing compares to Alps & Meters. In their clothing, I’m comfortable, stylish and receive more compliments than ever before.

Brand Shout

Christine and her company, Brand Shout, is the brilliance behind Alpin Luxe and our website. When our story needs to be told, Brand Shout is always there for us. They offer digital marketing and creative services to help influencers and brands branch out and reach the people that matter most to them. Through website and logo design, social media marketing, and beyond, they help entrepreneurs capture their visions and turn them into reality.

Stöckli Skis

Widely regarded as the most accurately produced skis on the market, Stöckli Swiss Sports AG is the largest ski producer in Switzerland. They don’t just build skis – they “craft” skis – which is rare today in a mass-produced world. The story began more than 80 years ago and you can feel their pursuit of perfection in every Stöckli ski. They share our passion for skiing with our customers and from the first turn on a pair of Stöckli’s, you know they are special.


Stoko is one of our most exciting finds this off-season! Stoko was born from being sick and tired of injuries holding us back. With the belief that everyone is an athlete, Stoko’s products are designed to empower athletes to be able to push their limits, and reach their athletic potential. The K1 is a brace, and more… instead of trying to make a bad product a little better, Stoko researched and analyzed how your body moves, and built a full medical-grade support system into the type of clothing you are already wearing for your athletic endeavors. Any skier who’s had knee injuries, issues or re-builds – Stoko is your safety net without the bulk of a brace. Besides, they will keep you warm on the slopes.

Aurak Helmets & Goggles

And we thought the French only made wine and cheese! Looking for a helmet and goggle partner, my dear friend Arnaud (who is French), turned us on to AURAK – a luxury fashion brand, underpinned by French design. These are without a doubt, the best looking, most luxurious ski helmets and goggles on the market. The work that goes into each AURAK helmet stands testament to singular craftsmanship as 70% are hand-sewn. Their core philosophy? Selecting only the finest suppliers so that they can deliver cutting edge helmets that deftly blend comfort, safety, and design.

Dahlgren USA

In 1990, tired of sweaty feet, I switched to wool socks and have used multiple brands with generally good performance. However, when we had a chance to partner with Dahlgren, who has 40 years of history and technology behind them, it was a no-brainer. Dahlgren socks makes premium products using their patented Dri-Stride Technology which mixes Alpaca wool, Merino wool and synthetic fibers to create the ultimate sock experience by reducing foot sweat by 40%. Skier’s know that sweaty feet = cold feet. Besides, the Canadian brand is made in the USA!

mono Norway

The Vikings survived centuries of cold, harsh winters by being smart and resourceful.  Part of the InSport Fashions Group of Canada, mono is a unisex footwear brand born in Oslo. Their ambition is to create artisanal goods that have a supreme level of comfort, assembled with high quality elements. Inspired by the ever-changing seasons and their Scandinavian roots, mono prides themselves in offering innovative boots and shoes combining design and performance. Their products are sophisticated and functional, and I can’t wait to wear my monos around town after leaving the slopes!

Sätila Sweden

Another brand from InSport Fashion’s quiver is the Swedish brand, Sätila. For 125 years, Sätila of Sweden has been knitting fashion accessories from their small village on the countryside a few miles outside Gothenburg. With a focus on the highest quality with a high degree of consciousness, Sätila aims to keep both mind and soul warm by using carefully selected materials from Europe. The Sätila beanie was made popular in the 1970’s by some of the most famous alpine ski racers like Ingemar Stenmark, Gustavo Thoeni and Phil & Steve Mahre. When the lifts close, we can walk about town knowing our head and neck are toasty in Sätila!

Lune Active

Something special just for the ladies! InSport Fashion of Canada picked up Lune Active – an athleisure brand committed to creating collections that blur the lines between sportswear and daywear. The items are characterized by the perfect balance between shaping activewear and fashion-forward pieces. Founded by Ashley Samwel and Lisa de Vries, with the goal to bring collections that balance technical innovation and iconic design to fit the active lifestyle of today’s sophisticated and conscious woman. We love Lune Active’s mantra of embracing Mother Nature by minimizing the carbon footprint by implementing sustainable materials and processes. After all, you need something cozy after a day on the slopes!

Air Zermatt

Talk about unsung heroes. For over 50 years, Air Zermatt AG is recognized worldwide as the gold standard for helicopter transport, scenic flights and rescue operations. With their distinctive red and white stars, Air Zermatt helicopters stand for reliability and speed. Air Zermatt pilots are known throughout the world for their competence, passion and vast experience. We partnered with Air Zermatt for two reasons: One, to give our ski clients an unforgettable trip around the famed Matterhorn and two, safety in the event that someone would have a skiing or boarding accident. You can never be too prepared!


An enjoyable ski experience begins with having warm, comfortable feet! There is nobody better than Surefoot when it comes to custom boot fitting. Surefoot’s worldwide locations have a handpicked and personally trained staff of boot fitting specialists who use state-of-the-art technology to deliver and guarantee the best fitting ski boots. If you’ve never had a pair of Surefoot custom foamed ski boots, you’re missing out on one of skiing’s greatest pleasures. With memory foam liners and an integrated heating system, we’ll probably have to drag you off the mountain! Surefoot also utilizes computer mapping of the foot to manufacture custom insoles ski, golf, running and bike shoes.

Trip Hero

We partnered with Trip Hero the moment they opened for business. As we all know, carting around all our ski and golf luggage is a royal pain. Trip Hero will pick up your bags and safely deliver them to your final destination so you can skip the long lines and baggage delays at the airport. Don’t want to lug them home? Trip Hero will send them back as well. It’s simple: Just schedule it, pack it up, they’ll pick it up and you meet it there at your destination. Same solution to get everything back home without a hassle!

Topping & Legnon

Why on earth would we partner with a wine company? Simple: most people love wine and you’re going to miss not drinking it when you get home. There is no better way to thank our customers than with a nice gift from one of the best organic wineries in America: Topping & Legnon. Premium, Organic, Micro-Boutique Wines from Napa & Sonoma. A passionate, family-owned winery dedicated to creating something unique in every bottle. Topping & Legnon wines is managed by Advanced Sommelier, Taylor Johnson – who has personally selected the wines for the exclusive Alpin Luxe experiences. Book a trip with Alpin Luxe and enjoy some premium wine!

Zeropoint Compression

As with all our brand partners, there has to be a purpose for joining forces. Not only does Zeropoint Compression inspire people to live a healthy and active lives, their compression products offer better performances to all athletes, from pro to beginner, and support a healthy lifestyle every day. If you’ve ever been on a long flight, you know that your feet swell and are uncomfortable. Wearing compression socks eliminates this issue. Everyone who books a trip with us receives a pair prior to departure.


Unless you’re five years old (or a snowboarder!) you need skis, boots AND poles. Leki are the best of the lot. “Leki” Lenhart GmbH is broadly recognized as the absolute world leader in pole and glove systems. Designed and developed in Kircheim/Teck, Germany, LEKI products combine safety and comfort with attractive design. LEKI’s relationship with experts and professional athletes ensures a high experience value. When they developed their “Trigger” system (eliminating the need for pole straps), Leki poles became a game changer.


After a great day on the mountain, you most likely will have tired muscles and some lactic acid buildup. Its why athletes cool down on a bike, stretch and get a massage. However, most of us don’t have the time to completely restore. There’s a beer waiting at the bar, right? The MyoStorm “Meteor Ball” provides both heat and massage in your own private space, so you can recover before Après Ski. MyoStorm’s passion for the recovery industry, combined with decades of cumulative experience in engineering and exercise physiology, allows them to provide products that can be trusted to perform.

the next turn podcast

If you’re a fan of ski racing (like me), this is not only great entertainment, but informative as well. Martin Wilson, who founded the next turn podcast, examines skiing, ski racing, and sport. Guests include athletes, coaches, and forward-thinking figures throughout the world of snow sports. The goal is to take a deep dive and conduct open, honest conversations in the pursuit of “better”– better coaches, better athletes, better parents, better supporters, better advocates and better fans. Give them a listen to get you pumped for the ski season – you won’t be disappointed!

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