Spring Ski and Golf in the Same Day?

Try the Zillertal Valley, Austria!

Ski Smarter, not Harder.

Even as a die-hard skier, I still chuckle and wonder why the majority of skiers and snowboarders brave sub-zero temperatures, blowing snow, long lift lines and short gloomy days to ski or ride. And, after a miserable day on the slopes they après ski and complain about the cold!

Bloody hell, people… it’s winter!

But somehow, our lives are governed by the seasons and everyone flocks to the ski areas during the early weeks of winter.

Give Spring Skiing a Try

In my mind, the best time to ski is in the spring. The frozen majority (as previously described) are already thinking about golf and other ball sports. The lift lines go down, the days get longer, the sun is more prevalent, so the temps rise and we can shed a few layers and enjoy skiing in pure bliss. This is also the time of year where we usually have a lot more snow than early season, so when a nice little storm rolls through, we have fantastic (and safe) tree and glade skiing.

Spring is also the time when the snow has lots of water content from the sun melting it in the afternoon and then freezes overnight. This creates a “frozen granular” surface – more commonly known as “corn snow,” which is great for making beautiful turns on a smooth surface. The only drawback to spring skiing is that the snow becomes a bit mushy by mid-afternoon.

This brings us to the ultimate solution for a warm afternoon activity: Golf!

Yes, you CAN ski and golf in the same day!

Due to rapid elevation change and a more dramatic topography, there are several beautiful resort properties in the mountains of Europe which allow for the unique opportunity to enjoy both skiing and golf under the springtime sun on the very same day!

And right now, we’ve caught one of these golden opportunities!

Due to a milder winter in Europe this year, our premier property in Austria, the Sport Residenz Zillertal, just informed me that their championship golf course will open on 15 March. This is the ultimate opportunity to experience skiing in the morning above 2,000 meters and golf in the afternoon in the valley below at 800 meters.

Come join us in the Zillertal for week of spring skiing in the day and golf in the afternoon. Our trip from 28 March to 4 April is the perfect time to enjoy your favorite two sports at the same time.

Gary Miller

Gary Miller

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