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Alpin Luxe and HHSG are pleased to offer you the heliski opportunity of a lifetime! You probably never imagined that skiing was possible in Greece, but it is, and its good – like, unbelievably good! For starters, Greece is a very mountainous country and receives winter snow storms from the north, south, east and west. Perfect winter conditions combined with spectacular panoramic views make the experience of skiing in Greece unlike any other in the world!

Our Heli-partner, HHSG, has over 18 years’ experience conducting heliski trips in Europe, Asia and South America.  We’ve teamed up to bring their expertise to one of the best skiing locations in the world, and create a VIP ski tour you’ll never forget.


A heli-drop at the top of Mount Olympus.
Breathtaking views of the Agean Sea from a helicopter over Mt Olympus.


EXCLUSIVE TO ALPIN LUXE, in partnership with HSGG — the “Number One” heliski company in Greece — is offering our VIP Guests a PRIVATE heliski trip in February 2020 with Extra Hours of Flying Time! This exclusive trip also include unlimited 1st descents!



We begin skiing on Mt. Olympus, which rises 2,917 meters straight up from the Aegean Sea making it one of the biggest vertical ascents in Europe. Our accommodations are at the luxurious Litohoro Olympus Resort Villas and Spa on the shoreline of the Aegean Sea with panoramic views of the mythical Mt. Olympus and all the amenities one would expect from a 5-Star resort hotel. The helicopter is based at the  Litohoro resort, so you walk out of the resort in your ski clothing, skis and boots and are on the summit of Mt. Olympus in less than 5 minutes! Our goal is always 6 runs per day, but we most often get 10 runs (which is double what you’d get from most heliski companies). The massive size of Mt. Olympus combined with spectacular views of the Aegean Sea is mind blowing!


First Tracks on the slopes of the Pindus Mountains.
5 days spent exploring some of the most beautiful untouched powder in the world.


After 2-3 days on Mt. Olympus, we Heli over to the Pindus Mountain range, which begins 40 km north of Athens and continues into Albania. This mountain range has some of the best and largest heliskiing terrain on Earth. You could hit the slopes every day for 10 days and not ski the same run twice!  Depending on weather, we have the option to spend a couple nights at the beautiful 5-Star Ananti City Resort and Spa which is near the famed Meteora. Because this is a VIP Designed Private Trip, we include an après ski sunset cocktail cruise on the Aegean Sea and visits to historical sites that include the monasteries in Meteora.


Relaxing on the decks of the Litohoro is the perfect way to unwind after a long day of skiing.
Relax and unwind in style at the Litohoro Spa.
Elegant decor and world-class service will make you feel right at home.


Alpin Luxe has gone above and beyond to make this VIP Heliskiing trip a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  We’ve taken care of every little detail.  Your only job is to enjoy the slopes, kick back, and relax.


Vacation From The Vacation


What makes the Alpin Luxe VIP Heliski Experience so special? Not only is it “Heli All the Way,” from arrival to departure, but we include our signature “Vacation from the Vacation” experience of two days on the beautiful island of Santorini – where you can pamper those tired ski legs and refresh at the Aqua Luxury Suites. This spectacular mountain top spa villa resort offers an entirely new world of pure luxury and comfort, astonishing vistas, supreme accommodations and a variety of spa treatments to invigorate your body and soul. 


Panoramic views from the island of Santorini.
A private rooftop lounge is the perfect place to enjoy the scenery.


Throughout the day, a gourmet selection of dishes from organic grown ingredients, traditional recipes and carefully picked wine varieties from the island’s wineries will surprise your palate and introduce you to inspired Mediterranean cuisine. Want a little more “air time?” We fire up the Heli for a spectacular aerial tour of the islands. There is nothing like the feeling of being spoiled, and at the same time, accomplishing something nobody else on Earth has done!


This exclusive VIP experience is only available to FOUR people in 2020, and is HELI ALL THE WAY!

It’s the ONLY trip of its kind in the world and has never been done before!

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