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Zermatt is the “gold standard” for skiing in Europe. The skiing expanse is breathtaking – with over 3,500 acres spanning both Switzerland and Italy, featuring groomed intermediate runs nearly 10 miles long. There is nothing better than skiing down the backside of the Klein Matterhorn into Cervine, Italy – just for the pasta! Whether just stopping at one of the numerous mountain restaurants for lunch or taking a backpack to spend a night in Italy, the experience of skiing from one country to another is by itself a thrilling and unparalleled adventure.


The iconic silhouette of the Matterhorn graces these groomed slopes.
Laid back dining on the mountain at Fluhalp.


Nestled in a deep valley enclosed between steeply scarped mountains, Zermatt is dominated by the most famous mountain in the world, the huge and graceful Matterhorn. From the moment you step off the train from Täsch and see the cobbled streets and centuries old wooden buildings, you know you are in a special place. There are no cars in Zermatt and the air is fresh and crisp. But more than this, you immediately feel very cosmopolitan, and yet enveloped in the magic of stepping back in time.


Aptly named "Paradise" this iconic mountain hut is the perfect place for a relaxing lunch.
Experience over 3,500 acres of this picturesque landscape for yourself!


Speaking of cosmopolitan – we love the GRAND HOTEL ZERMATTERHOF. Located in the center of Zermatt in a quiet, private park, right off main street next to boutiques, sport shops, restaurants and banks. The Grand Hotel Zermatterhof has welcomed guests with Swiss hospitality since 1879. The five-star hotel upholds a long tradition of elegance, but a recent renovation added the finest modern conveniences to compliment your luxurious stay.  Facing the famed Matterhorn, the ZERMATTERHOF is within walking distance to the ski areas and lifts.


Elegant accommodations at the Grand Hotel Zermatterhof.
It's all in the little details. Modern, elegant, timeless.
A sumptuous breakfast buffet awaits you with our all-inclusive package.
You'll be welcomed into the exquisite ZERMATTERHOF lobby.


All our European experiences are “all-inclusive.” This means we have fabulous dinners planned throughout the week at Zermatt’s most famous restaurants, incredible lunches at on-mountain huts, a couple of massages for everyone to sooth their muscles after a fun day of skiing, a sightseeing Heli trip around the Matterhorn with a skier drop at the top of Zermatt and we’ll provide your skis for the week!


Dining options range from modern luxe to timeless elegance.  No matter your taste, there is something for everyone on this trip of a lifetime.


Focusing on providing the most extraordinary ski experience possible, Olympic Alpine Ski Coach, Gary Miller and his wife, Gail, will be your hosts during this fabulous week of skiing. There is nothing like learning from the best!


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