Why Travel With Alpin Luxe?

COVID-19: The World is Opening!

Did you know that Alpin Luxe is the most affordable option for skiing? We ran the numbers. Luxury hotels in American ski resort towns are two to four times more expensive than in Europe and generally do not include meals. Daily lift tickets in the USA are over three times more expensive. Jump over the pond and come skiing with us, where ski lifts have heated seats, windscreens and the food is incredible! 

Alpin Luxe trips focus on cultural immersion and sports like skiing, golfing, and cycling – all in the fresh mountain air of the Alps, easily maintaining social distancing, and away from crowded metropolitan areas. This is a chance to truly experience what we call: “The Alpine Lifestyle”. These are once-in-a-lifetime experiences, that often include celebrity and Olympian coaches and co-hosts – providing everyone the safest, most enjoyable way to spend your ski season!

With the expected surge in international travel, plan ahead! Both airlines and resorts will book up quickly.

Our Safety Measures:

At Alpin Luxe, effort has been made to make your week in Europe not only safe, but extraordinary as well. Like everything in life, we adapt so that we all can enjoy our favorite adventures.

We select only unique and less frequented ski resorts which allows everyone to comfortably practice social distancing. Whether it’s the Zillertal Valley and Soelden, Austria / Zermatt, Switzerland or the Dolomites, crowds are always minimal due to the enormous size of the resorts. No high traffic tourist destinations.

We only take small groups or families – a total of 6-10 people per trip, so you can feel safe amongst friends and family.

You’re safe in the mountain air, getting exercise and eating healthy, farm to table cuisine. Our trips are meant to be a celebration of life with close friends and family, and avoid the risk that comes with partying in crowded nightclubs or busy, metropolitan tourist areas.

Our European ski destinations have more skiing acreage and lifts, including multiple connected resorts – with many more outdoor dining options available and fewer lift lines.

Rest assured, all our European resort properties are well prepared during COVID and maintain comprehensive hygiene standards across the board. Remember, the central EU countries maintained strict isolation for three months to nearly eliminate cases. Here are some of their safety measures in place:

• Rooms and Suites are only booked at 50% of capacity to maintain a lower volume of guests.

• Check in & check out will be conducted digitally prior to your stay to keep interaction with staff to a minimum.

• Dining will offer limited spacing between tables, as well as digital menus and other security measures.

• Spas are under strict and more frequent cleaning and disinfecting cycles. Studies show that COVID cannot survive bleach cleansing, and environments with chlorine. Again, strict guidelines determine how many guests can use the steam and treatment rooms at a time.

A Note On Travel:

Amidst constantly changing information and recommendations, we understand some may be hesitant to travel abroad. With a European summer that opened up to tourists, international travel was coming back. However, with lower than expected vaccination rates currently in the USA, the EU has “recommended” that most of its member countries admit only Americans who can prove they are vaccinated. We expect this to continue for a couple months, so if you’re vaccinated, you’re good to go and are actually safer traveling in Europe right now. 

For those of you who ARE VACCINATED, we are ready for travel and have some fantastic trips planned for the upcoming 2021 / 2022 Ski Season!

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