Reggie Crist

Olympian Ski Coach

Affectionately known as the “Master of Alaskan Spines”, Reggie Crist is not only one of the most accomplished skiers on the planet, but widely considered a pioneer of heliskiing in both Alaska and South America. Reggie was weaned on the slopes of Sun Valley – learning to exceed the speed limit on the groomers of Bald Mountain. This passion and need for speed propelled Reggie onto the U.S. Ski Team and a ten-year career as one of the world’s best downhillers – competing on the World Cup circuit and the Olympic Winter Games. Furthering his skiing chops, Reggie pioneered the sport of ski cross, where he won five consecutive X-Games medals, including two gold.

With so many ski industry accomplishments, a bank of photographic and directing skills and an infectious personality, it was only natural that Reggie create Stellar Adventure Travel and Stellar Adventure Media, two companies that work together to offer unique ski adventures for clients while servicing the production needs of professional skiers in exotic locations like Japan, Iceland, South America, and Alaska. For over 20 years now, Stellar Adventure Travel is considered the “gold standard” for heliskiing worldwide. In addition, when back home in Idaho, Reggie works with his brother Zach developing the emerging sport of ‘sled-skiing.’

In the off-season, when the ski film star for Warren Miller and TGR isn’t chasing after his 3 children, Jayden, Stevie, and Mitchell, he has been known to craft articles for publications such as Men’s Journal, Powder Magazine, Skiing Magazine, and The Ski Journal, as well as generate web-series content for National Geographic. For rest and recovery, Reggie flies his entire family south to the Lefthand Point Break in Saladita, Mexico, to surf, sip margaritas, and watch the sun dip beyond the horizon.

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