Jeff Olson

Wellness Expert
Oympian Ski Coach

Jeff Olson was an American Downhill Ski Racer, 2-time Olympian, 3-time national champion, Pan American gold medalist and spent 10 years competing on the Ski World Cup circuit for the US Ski Team. His career has spanned sports, money, tech, and health. Jeff has the unique distinction of being a 2-time TED speaker. He is currently President/COO of Crosson Skis and the co-founder of the Healthy Living Agency, Altius Farms, and several startup companies. Jeff is a sought-after speaker in human performance and an expert in human performance nutrition. Jeff says, “Vibrant health has become an adaptive trait and the alpine lifestyle contains its curriculum.” Prior, he worked on Wall Street and in technology. He serves on the boards of the Jimmy Heuga Center Endowment, the Colorado Olympians Association, and True Health Initiative. Jeff is married to Toni Olson and they have 3 incredible daughters.

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