5 Reasons You Should Book an All-Inclusive Vacation in 2022

Where the "All-Inclusive" Trip First Began...

This week’s trivia question: Who invented the All-Inclusive vacation? Answer: An Olympic water polo player by the name of Gérard Blitz.


That’s what we thought… until we discovered he was the founder of Club Med in 1950, and the pioneer of the all-inclusive vacation. Gérard was also part of the Belgian Resistance during WWII and was later put in charge of coordinating the rehabilitation of his comrades returning from the Front by converting two hotels in the Alps.

What does "All-Inclusive" Even Mean?

A few years later, post war, Gérard created the idea of an all-inclusive resort that included accommodations, meals, relaxation and sports. He felt this concept made it easier for people to get together while on vacation and enjoy numerous water and beach sports.

Here we are 70 years later and all-inclusive vacations are one of the fastest growing segments of the travel market for a number of reasons – of which we at Alpin Luxe embrace. The idea of an all-inclusive trip, where all aspects and costs of the vacation are covered and coordinated upfront, is especially attractive in today’s world. Here’s 5 of the best reasons why you should book an Alpin Luxe All-Inclusive vacation in 2022:

Why "All-Inclusive" is Best:

  1. Affordable luxury. The Europeans have figured this out better than anyone. With incredible lodging, fantastic meals, modern spa and fitness facilities, reasonably priced lift passes and greens fees – all included – these luxury properties can provide a better experience at a far lower cost than a-la-carte pricing.
  2. Stress-free vacations. By being responsible for only the airfare, travel insurance and transportation to resort, guests don’t have to worry about having to pull out their wallet for meals, lift tickets, greens fees, equipment rentals, gratuities and any other fun activities we’ve included in the Alpin Luxe package. No more having to pay out-of-pocket for every little thing and no more worries that you might max out the credit card.
  3. Saves time. Not having to spend precious time before and during your vacation hunting down accommodations, restaurants, rentals and other activities makes your holiday more enjoyable. Our expertise at Alpin Luxe is arranging everything in advance for you.
  4. Better facilities. Pictures are NOT worth a thousand words. At Alpin Luxe, we always personally visit each property instead of relying on photos and reviews. We have seen resorts that looked great on a website, but in person it’s not what we envisioned for our guests. If we haven’t been there, we don’t take you there.
  5. Personal service. Unlike most all-inclusive vacation packages, Alpin Luxe focuses on the personal touch throughout the trip. In addition to excellent customer service, unique amenities, side trips and expert coaching, we craft our trips to ensure that you fully experience the culture in each location.

Visit our Alpin Luxe website and you’ll see we’ve taken Gérard’s original vision to another level. Our all-inclusive trips are a refreshing experience that allows you to truly relax. Come to the other side of the world – it’s incredible! We’ve already taken care of all the nitty-gritty for you… your only job is to enjoy the ride!

It’s ok to “work in your world – it’s more fun to play in ours.”

Browse our all-inclusive adventure vacations to some of the world’s most spectacular destinations!

Gary Miller

Gary Miller

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